“Having a true garden right on site gives us the unique ability to grow what we want and have the freshest possible ingredients for you.”

- Executive Chef Christopher Grossman

The Chef’s Garden is our on-site garden viewable from the main dining room of the restaurant. We built the garden with the intention of sourcing ingredients for our always evolving menu, which highlights the freshest seasonal food in the region.


Tucker Farms

Tucker Farms’ mission is to grow responsibly, treat the Earth kindly, and provide our customers with safe, healthy, and delicious food. In both our gardens and the greenhouse, we utilize gentle and sustainable growing methods that respect the farm’s dynamic ecosystem.

Southern Swiss Dairy

Non-homogenized milk is better for you! Homogenization is a simple process that can do serious damage to the structure of milk.

Straight from the Backyard Farm

We are a small acre farm, that practices sustainable agricultural methods, located outside of Loganville, Ga. We specialize in offering both interesting and tasty varieties; some are heirloom while others have only been available for a few years.

Hearts Of Harvest

The Sorahs are passionate about nourishing the mind, body and spirit with healthy food, taking care of the planet which starts in our very own yards with how we treat our soil, and working towards making organically grown food easily accessible to all families.

Aluma Farms

We believe that urban farms serve as models for the most sustainable form of agriculture and as connections between people and their food.

Moore Farm and Friends

Production practices are of the utmost importance to us: every Farmer we represent is either Certified USDA Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, or Sustainable or Chemical-Free in their methods.

Enchanted Springs

Blue Ridge Rainbow Trout – Known as “the trout man”. Executive Chef Christopher Grossman has been working with Enchanted Springs for over 10 years.

Riverview Farms

Our family farm produces heritage breed pork, grass-fed beef, certified organic row crops and corn that we mill into grits, cornmeal and polenta. Order directly from us online, subscribe to our Produce CSA, or find us at farmers markets in Atlanta.