THE CHASTAIN culinary garden is the heart and soul of the restaurant. Great ingredients, served at their peak, and as fresh as possible is why Chef Christopher Grossman believes that “great food does not start in the kitchen; it starts with the soil and the seeds that are sown”. Our garden serves as a visual reminder of where our food comes from, the hard work that goes into growing it well, and the idea that great ingredients prepared as fresh and respectfully simple as possible can make all the difference on the plate. This is the philosophy behind everything we do at THE CHASTAIN, in an industry, where seemingly every restaurant says it is “farm to table” (with very liberal definitions behind what they actually do).

Everything in the garden can be placed into a few categories when we are deciding what to plant. The first thing we ask ourselves is, can it be eaten or utilized in the restaurant in some way. Second, is it beneficial to pollinators, insects and third, what is the effect on the ecosystem as a whole? By following these basic rules, we create a beautiful, bountiful and beneficial culinary garden that is not only wonderful for our Guests to stroll through and team to learn from but productive for our Chefs.

Within the TC Garden you will find plantings specifically for pollinators, to help increase our yields and other plants which are grown to improve the soil. We only use regenerative gardening techniques, because we feel that “organic” does not go far enough. We grow to compliment our farm partners, and select crops that we can feature for each season. Being able to utilize our spent coffee grounds and ash from our smoker as well as submit to a larger composting organization, gives us pride in what we are able to achieve on our little piece of land.



“We are dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with small purveyors, family-owned farms and local artisans throughout the Southeast who share our values, respect the product and the environment in which they’re grown. Their hard work and passion is at the heart of every dish we serve at THE CHASTAIN.”
– Executive Chef, Christopher Grossman

Tucker Farms |
Tucker Farms’ mission is to grow responsibly, treat the Earth kindly, and provide our customers with safe, healthy, and delicious food. In both our gardens and the greenhouse, we utilize gentle and sustainable growing methods that respect the farm’s dynamic ecosystem.


Southern Swiss Dairy |
Non-homogenized milk is better for you! Homogenization is a simple process that can do serious damage to the structure of milk.


Straight from the Backyard Farm |
We are a small acre farm that practices sustainable agricultural methods, located outside of Loganville, Ga. We specialize in offering both interesting and tasty varieties; some are heirloom while others have only been available for a few years.


Dayspring Farm |
Family owned and operated organic local farm and stone ground mill, producing many different types of flours including some from unique heritage grains. Located in Danielsville, GA


Bartram Trail Farms |
Producers of high quality seasonal organic vegetables for Chefs. Located in Winterville, Georgia.


Hearts Of Harvest |
The Sorahs are passionate about nourishing the mind, body and spirit with healthy food, taking care of the planet which starts in our very own yards with how we treat our soil, and working towards making organically grown food easily accessible to all families.


The Tasteful Garden |
All of their plants are grown using natural and organic methods. Their seeds are sourced from Certified Organic and non-GMO producers.


Enchanted Springs |
Our gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Known as “the trout man”. Executive Chef Christopher Grossman has been working with Enchanted Springs for over 10 years. Also, supplying all of our apples and ciders direct from the orchards in North Georgia.


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Weekdays 7AM-2PM, 5PM-10PM
Weekends 8AM-2PM, 5PM-10PM (9PM Sun)


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